We bring the rarest opportunities to invest in high growth start-ups of emerging economies to you. We're coming online soon, so make sure you register your interest.

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What do we do?

Easy Access to Genuine Start-ups

We do our research before bringing any start-ups on to our platform. We only bring promising startups in their early growth stage who have proven their market and needs investments to grow further.

Safe and Secured

Investing using our platform is as easy as walking on the cake. Your transfers are fully secured and you never have to make any international transfers. Everything is taken care off at our end.

Our Dedicated Support

We are always there to support you. We provide detailed guides to investing, Insights to the markets and the companies you are interested in to help you make a confident decision. We also provide realtime customer support to resolve your queries.

Our Team

Meet the Founders

We are two founders leading Hummingbird who started with a dream of bringing silicon valley to everywhere and provide equal opportunities to Visionary Individual Investors, Venture Capitalists, and Entrepreneurs globally.


How it works

Finding Promising Startups

Findings startups of various industries is very convenient from our huge selection of pre-assessed startups in different economies with their special reports.

Each Startup is verified and handpicked by our experts and then assessed by the VC firms which will invest along with you. Therefore, you are never alone and get nothing but access to the best deals early.

Finding a perfect partner

We know Investing into foreign markets is not easy and is full of uncertainity. That is why we have brought expert Venture Capitalists for you to partner with in your investments.

You can either choose a Startup of your choice or go through the list of VCs and Startups they are backing to find a perfect partner for you to invest confidently.

Investing for Impact

Once you've selected your Startup and partner VC, you next step is to invest safely and securly using our platform.

On our platform for the convenience of our investors we provide them with various investment instruments from the likes of Co-invest, SAFE Agreements, and Convertible Bonds which will help you to invest more flexibly and on your own terms.

So come on-board and invest in the future you want.

Your investment can make a huge impact on this world, especially for the emerging economies. By using this funding people from emerging economies would be able to build creative survices which will further boost the economy increasing your investments in value.

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